From reusable bags to floral bouquets, our initiatives are currently successfully deployed in 3,000+ retail locations across the country.

Our Mission and Story

Our story began with a unique fusion of our passion for giving back to local communities and our expertise in creating profitable business models. In 2011, this distinctive combination gave rise to PS It Matters.

We began by partnering with corporate clients to include a 15% donation within the price of gourmet food baskets, corporate gear, gifts, and promotional items. Through this strategy, we were able to support local communities while simultaneously empowering our clients to build brand affinity and increase gross margin.

Expanding on this initial concept, we created Bags 4 My Cause in 2014. Through this initiative, our retail partners’ various store locations each select a local nonprofit to receive a $1 donation for every reusable bag sold in a given month. As nonprofits promote their benefiting month, this business model drives new and existing shoppers to participating stores, spikes net reusable bag sales, and streamlines earned media for the retail partner.

When the pandemic struck, the need in our local communities was more pressing than ever. However, reusable bag sales sharply declined as retailers took precautionary measures. Determined to certify the adaptability of our business model, we launched Bloomin’ 4 Good in 2021. Through this initiative, each bouquet purchase sends a $1 donation to a monthlong nonprofit beneficiary that serves the store’s local community. Since implementation, Bloomin’ 4 Good has once again proved our business model is both purposeful and profitable.

To date, PS It Matters has deployed these two initiatives in over 3,000 retail locations nationwide. By spiking store traffic and generating net new sales, this model drives an increase in gross margin every month at no extra cost to our clients. In only 10 years, these two programs have generated more than $12 million in donations to over 43,500 organizations. From reusable bags to floral bouquets, we are on a mission to impact our local communities through everyday choices.


Our Clients

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