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Date last updated: 07/22/2024
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PS It Matters partners with retailers to create profitable mission-driven initiatives in which a portion of every business transaction gives back to a local, community nonprofit.

Our initiatives are currently successfully deployed in 3,000+ retail locations across the country. From reusable bags to floral bouquets, we are on a mission to impact our local communities through everyday choices.

Our Programs

A reusable bag program that
donates $1 to our community
for every bag purchased.

A program that donates $1
to a selected local nonprofit
for every bouquet purchased.

How do these programs work?

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How Our Clients are Changing the World

Empowering girls.
Transforming lives.

Ending child hunger
in Maine.

Raising public awareness & action
on coral conservation.

Partner With Us!

Let’s make a lasting impact on our local communities together!

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Jim Brennan, Co-Founder & COO at: