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Every year I give a modest gift to clients to show my appreciation for the confidence and trust they have placed me. In recent years, I have purchased the gifts through PS It Matters and noted that a portion of the gift cost goes to those in need. My clients loved the idea that their gift was also a contribution to charity!

Jeffrey P Little, CFP

Senior Vice President, RBC Wealth Management

My experience using PS It Matters for gift giving has consistently been outstanding. The company is easy to work with- whether you are sending out 1 gift or 100, they work hard to make sure that what you’re ordering is exactly what you want. The recipients not only receive quality items but it really means something to them when they see that because of the gift, a donation was made to their local food pantry. It makes an impact.

Christin C. Clohosey

Event Planner & Marketing Assistant, Investors Capital Corporation

The lobster dinners have been a big hit with several reorders from friends and family in Illinois.  Thanks for the great food and service!

Rich Ferdinand

I have been associated with PS It Matters for almost 2 years.  We are a non-profit food pantry that benefits each month from the generosity and have consistently received a check each month.  I also use their services and send out gifts through the website whenever I need something special.  The products are top notch and those who receive the gift are thrilled to see that the company is giving back to the community. A great product and a good feeling – what more could you ask for?

Alyse Barbash

Executive Director, Haven from Hunger

The attention to detail and creativity that PS It Matters provides is top quality – from the initial request for unique gifts for our Appreciation Weekends to the execution of branded gifts. The team there are active listeners understanding our unique requirements, able to adjust when requested and help make the guest experience at our hotel above and beyond!

Allyson Cavaretta

Director of Sales & Marketing, Meadowmere Resort

We at Relyco are very excited about partnering with PS It Matters. It gives us the opportunity to help in many ways to help make the world a better place to live.  For every gift we send,  someone is receiving a donation at a food bank, or a children’s home or a senior center plus many more.

Mike Steinberg

CEO, Relyco

I have been using PS It Matters for several years now for closing gifts to my Buyers. It is a great company that serves a great cause and has top of the line products. My clients are delighted not only with their gift but delight in the knowledge that it helps to provide a number of meals to the local charities in the towns where they purchased their new home. Charity starts at home!
Linda Ruppe

Agent, RE/MAX

PS It Matters is a leader in innovative fund and resource-raising in support of food and nutrition security. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Kristine Jenkins

Coordinating Director, Partners for a Hunger-Free York County

PS It Matters is not just a typical company with a product or a service, it is a gateway for its customers to change the way they think about purchases and support their cause along the way, making an impact one purchase at a time.

Annie Roche

We’ve never had a program so enthusiastically embraced by so many of our Loan Officers. There’s even a bit of friendly competition between offices to see who can provide the most meals – it’s such a great program, Purchasing 4 My Cause takes care of everything, and we’re really proud to be helping our neighbors!

Michelle Orchanian

Marketing Director, Mortgage Network

Doing business with any of the PS it Matters Companies is the ultimate win-win situation for any company or individual. You will receive high quality merchandise at a fair price and at the same time helping out you neighbors in need. The only question you need to ask yourself is, Why would I not do business with this company?? Jerry Prial

Owner, Gerard Wine

It is a real pleasure finding that unique hostess, birthday, holiday or ‘just because’ gift at PS IT Matters. Their great selection of specialty food items & gifts, top quality products, are all in one place at no extra cost! Plus, you are given the benefit of 15% of your purchase price going to the cause of YOUR choice. So much more fun than just writing a donation check! Going in the store is best, but you can do this online too. Shopping is more interesting now knowing I can support causes near and dear to me.

Maureen O'Donnell

YCSA is proud to be a partner with, and beneficiary of, PS It Matters.  This innovative business model combines the best of so many aspects of a not-for-profit/for-profit partnership. PS It Matters has become a steady source of income for our Food Pantry which currently serves 300 families and individuals each month.  We have come to rely on our relationship, and look forward to furthering the ways that we can support one another in the future.

Michelle Surdoval

Executive Director, York Community Service Association