Food Bank/Pantry & Non-Profit Donations

Every purchase feeds someone in need

PS It Matters creates marketing partnerships with Food Banks/Pantries and Corporations across the country to eliminate marketing costs (typically 8-15% of sales). Our partners conduct direct outreach to people like you - Donors/Volunteers/Friends/Customers - to learn about and shop at PS It Matters.  The initial request of this outreach is for everyone to sign up for the weekly NEWS, SPECIALS & UPDATES at PS It Matters as this will be a way for us to continue to share the new products and gifts that are offered at PS It Matters every week!  

Every $1 donation provides 4 meals at your Food Bank/Pantry. This is the PS It Matters Impact Metric for every purchase decision made by you. 

We reviewed conversion rates reported by Food Banks/Pantries across the U.S. to settle on the PS It Matters Impact Metric of $1= 4 meals provided.  Local ratios are affected by regional economics, food store support, and the cost of food acquired. For example, Second Harvest reports a $1:6 ratio while Boston Food Bank lists $1:2.5. PS It Matters uses $1:4 as a conservative estimate of the number of healthy meals provided by a typical Food Bank/Pantry for each $1 received.  Other metrics used across the country include $1= $8-$10 of food provided and still others share the amount of food tons distributed each year.  Regardless of the metrics used, it is clear that a $1 have a very real impact in eliminating hunger in our communities. 

Whatever the ratio, purchases made through PS It Matters matter. Reduced funding and increased demand for services has dramatically impacted the Food Bank/Pantry community.  With PS It Matters 15% of the value of every purchase you make goes to the Food Bank/Pantry or Non-Profit of your choice

Look below to see total contributions for your local Food Bank/Pantry and Non-Profits. Don't see yours? See if it's listed in our Food Bank/Pantry and Non-Profits Directory.