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How a corporate gift keeps on giving and could feed millions!

It all began with a gift... a $39.00 corporate gift... Read more »

A 15% Donation From Every Purchase at PS It Matters Companies Versus Other Socially Conscious Firms

When PS It Matters began with the launching of it’s first portfolio company, Meals 4 Others, we wanted to stretch every boundary when it came to the impact on hunger that could be made with each purchase. Read how the PS It Matters companies Meals 4 Others and Purchasing 4 My Cause (being released July 15) are leaders by a significant margin when compared to other socially conscious companies when evaluated by donations generated from gross revenues. 

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A 12-Month Corporate Initiative To Provide 100,000+ Meals To Those In Need

With more than 25 years in service to its’ customers, and now one of the largest independent mortgage companies on the East Coast, Mortgage Network has a long-standing reputation for making a difference in people’s lives... Read more »

York Weekly - Buy an item, feed the hungry at new store in York

After more than two years of online sales and walk-in customers, PS It Matters opened a retail location in York last Saturday. The storefront at 1132 Route 1 is aptly named Meals 4 Others and is the byproduct of a thriving business plan based on feeding people around the country.

Co-founded in 2011 by Jim Brennan and Michael Simchik, PS It Matters donates 15 percent of every dollar earned to a food bank of a shopper's choice.

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PS It Matters is making a difference in how people shop

Ron McAllister speaks with PS It Matters cofounder James Brennan about a novel approach to business! Read more »

PS It Matters Helping To Feed The Needy

YORK, Maine — A basic concept centered around neighbors helping neighbors is turning into a booming business in town.

In 2011, PS It Matters was co-founded by Jim Brennan and Michael Simchik. The company follows what Brennan calls a "social entrepreneurship" venture.

"It's for-profit, but there is a second bottom line. Each dollar earned has to do something more relative to solving hunger in each of our communities," he said.

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Online Specialty Food and Gift Provider with a Mission to Support Food Banks/Pantries Across the Country Conveys Message Using ENDURA LABEL from Relyco

Relyco Corp. - Oct 24, 2012

Shoppers get the specialty foods and gifts they want while giving valuable support to those in their selected community that are in need of food. The impact of each dollar donated to a food bank/ pantry has incredible leverage because each $1 donated provides 4 nutritious meals. Since its official launch in June 2012, PS It Matters has provided more than 10,000 meals, putting the organization on track to deliver as many as 60,000 meals by year’s end...

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